The Pentacore

The Pentacore

Browser-based online MMORPG


  • Lots of depth
  • Attractive environments
  • Integrated chat and forums


  • Confusing interface
  • Terrible English translation

Not good

The Pentacore is a Flash-based browser MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game). It is set in a world of lore and magic, where players will govern a castle, manage relationships and build their strengths.

Once you've registered for The Pentacore, starting the game is easy, but actually getting started in the world is anything but. MMORPGs can often seem confusing to newcomers, and Pentacore is extremely unforgiving, requiring a lot of time to learn how to play.

The Pentacore's interface is poorly designed. Although it looks pretty, there is no in-game tutorial, and the guide offered on the website is very poorly translated. If you can decipher the guides, then you have to start building resources in your castle before you can move on to joining the community and waging wars.

While free to play, there are some premium features in The Pentacore, but despite that it compares very badly to all the big MMORPGs. The well-drawn environments are not interactive enough, and incredibly you don't see your character. Each environment is essentially just a means for you to manage resources, and doesn't involve any action. The Pentacore requires too much patience, and unless the standard of the English translation is dramatically improved it is difficult to recommend

There are many better designed, more involving and fun MMORPGs out there. The only thing The Pentacore has going for it is that it can be played for free.

The Pentacore


The Pentacore

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